The best place for stargazing in Mineral County is to just look up! High elevation, low humidity and lack of light pollution create the perfect conditions for viewing the Milky Way, witnessing a meteor shower, or night-hiking by the light of the full moon.

Grab dinner to go and take a gorgeous drive up Pool Table Road toward Hansen’s Mill: from Creede, travel 7.3 miles east out of town on HWY 149 towards South Fork. Turn left onto Pool Table Road/FR600. Find the perfect spot to spend the evening gazing at the Milky Way: exceptionally bright in our dark skies. 

The Bachelor Loop Historic Tour is the 17-mile drive through a historic mining district above Creede. Several stopping points present sparkly lights in the valley below, mirrored by the stars above.

For a completely dark experience, Love Lake is a small, majestic lake surrounded by mountain scenery. From Creede, travel 7 miles west on Hwy 149 towards Lake City. Turn left and travel southwest on Forest Road 523 for 10 miles and you will come right to the Love Lake parking lot. Enjoy some of the biggest views of our glorious night sky.

Dark Skies are great for Stargazing

Creede and the surrounding area boasts exceptional conditions for stargazing and experiencing dark skies.

Low Light Pollution: Creede is situated in a relatively remote area of southern Colorado, away from major urban centers. As a result, it experiences minimal light pollution, providing excellent conditions for observing the night sky.

High Elevation: The town of Creede sits at an elevation of around 8,900 feet above sea level. Higher elevations often offer clearer skies and crisper atmospheric conditions, enhancing visibility for stargazing. To get a little higher, check out the Pool Table Road above Wagon Wheel Gap!

Proximity to Public Land: Creede is surrounded by vast expanses of protected land, including the Rio Grande National Forest and the Weminuche Wilderness. These protected areas help preserve the natural darkness of the night sky, allowing for optimal stargazing opportunities.

Designation as a Dark Sky Community: Creede is recognized for its commitment to preserving dark skies and promoting stargazing opportunities.

Awe-Inspiring Views: Visitors to Creede can enjoy breathtaking views of the night sky, including a multitude of stars, planets, and celestial objects. On clear nights, the Milky Way is often visible stretching across the heavens, providing a mesmerizing sight for stargazers of all ages.

Whether you're a seasoned astronomer or simply enjoy marveling at the beauty of the cosmos, Creede, Colorado, offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the wonders of the night sky in all its glory.

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